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How To Entice People To Attend Your Meeting

How To Entice People To Attend Your Meeting

What is one small improvement you can make today to ensure you’re not wasting your valuable time or that of others?

When sending a meeting invite, write clear objectives and outcomes

An objective is your purpose or goal of an effort or action; in this case, a request for a specific timeframe to accomplish a particular task. 

An outcome is a final product or result, consequence. In other words, the meeting should unfold using a process of logical thinking and finish with clarity of purpose.


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  • Done right, meetings provide an excellent structure for getting work done, making decisions, and moving projects forward. 
  • Done incorrectly, meetings keep you from focusing on your most important priorities and are a complete waste of your time.


  • Studies show that employees spend more than five hours per day reading and replying to emailsWhile it may seem like urgent work, email is not the best kind of work.
  • The open office culture in many big and small companies is not conducive to achieving the state of flow, in which we are creative and productive.


  1. Decide if the meeting is necessary in the first place.
  2. Establish a clear purpose for the meeting and write up an agenda.
  3. Start on time and stop on time.
  4. Cover important items first.
  5. Summarize each conclusion and get closure.
  6. Assign specific responsibility. Be clear about who is going to do what and when.
  7. Keep notes and circulate minutes.