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List of things incoming!

The following list will either introduce you or remind you of the many other ways, you can address your mental health. Be sure to follow through.


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New Year New You

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How to set achievable goals

How to prioritize self-care

How to create healthy habits

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Psychedelics is cheating for mental health

The mental health profession is focused on the brain chemistry, assuming it's the be-all of brain health. Psychedelics on the other hand focused on experiential healing, proving that limited experiences can have permanent effects on the brain. 

"Can you achieve the same...

Prioritize the distilled list

It is helpful when you brainstorm to separate idea generation from idea evaluation. Write down every idea. Then trim your list by applying the feedback you've received through user tests, surveys, and other inputs. Prioritize this filtered list:

  • How important is ...

Take Care of Your Wellbeing

Take Care of Your Wellbeing

Our mental health and financial situation overlap with each other. The Mental Health Policy Institute stated that when financial situations become troubling, the mental health of the individual worsens along with it.

With the right resources and availability of these resources, you may be a...

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