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4. Be Mindful of Your Thinking

4. Be Mindful of Your Thinking

Negative thoughts pop into all of our minds. It is a natural thing for the brain to do as it is designed to protect us from risk. 

Always evaluate whether you actually believe those thoughts and start thinking about the positive outcomes. 


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Forcing positive thinking

Forcing positive thinking puts us under pressure and in an always-on-the-alert mode. We can never relax because a negative thought might pop into our heads when we least expect it.

It can make us feel more negative emotions and we may blame ourselves for not being happy enough.

Monitoring Your Self Talk

Monitoring Your Self Talk

Often if we pay attention to our thoughts we may find that we are processing a lot of negative self talk. This knowledge can sometimes be distressing at first and make us feel somewhat powerless over what thoughts are permeating our minds and our lives.

But if we start by...

Manifesting takes the idea of a positive mental attitude and runs with it

Manifesting takes the idea of a positive mental attitude and runs with it

  • While negative thoughts create "limiting beliefs", and in turn prevent positive things from happening, positive thoughts - when focused on specific goals and outcomes - can make those things happen.
  • You are co-creating with the universe.

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