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What are the words that will elicit a physical and emotional response?

A person's labels for things are important to them. They are hot buttons because they are attached to emotions and memories.

Questions: What do you want in a ...? What is important to you?

Language: use the person's own words (do not paraphrase).


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Other Tips

Other Tips

  • Acknowledge your own emotions as well as those of your audience.
  • Reframe and explain.
  • Use engagement activities and variety, ask questions.

Cognitive empathy

It activates a mentalizing network in the brain, which differs from the emotional mirroring mechanisms of emotional empathy.

What you can do: When trying to resolve a conflict, reflect on what they are saying, and then neutrally paraphrase what they are sa...

Types of empathy

Types of empathy

There are different types of empathy that a person may experience:

  • Affective empathy involves the ability to understand another person's emotions and respond appropriately. Such emotional understanding may lead to someone feeling concerned for another ...

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