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What to Purchase

Products you purchase should have these qualities:

  • Low lifetime cost
  • Durability
  • Resale or exchange value
  • Transportablity
  • Ease of maintenance


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Life Resilience

  • "... An omnivore always has more options available when solving the problem of eating"
  • Strategy is a "web of actions" that will not fail when any one plan does
  • Shift focus from goals to how you set goals
  • Build skills for navigating lifestyles not sk...


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Four Types of People

Small critique: Fiskar's four types all have masculine titles....


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"Making a Living" vs. Living

  • Making up for lost time and health at the end of your life is not the only way to live
  • Your job title and what you buy do not need to be who you are
  • Teach yourself skills you were paying others to know
  • Health is a state of being, not a product you can buy from a docto...


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#3: Add 4 Purchase-Based Metrics

  • Total number of purchases
  • Purchase value (giving purchase conversion value)
  • Cost per purchase (giving cost per acquisition)
  • Purchase ROAS

The four purchase metrics above will tell you everything you need to know about the number of sales you’re generating,...

The Apple Brand: Good Design Everywhere

Good design is part of the brand; Apple products look good and they don’t have extraneous bells and whistles. They are intuitive and straightforward.

Simplicity, ease of use and enjoyment are the qualities that made Apple products great. These are also the qualities that make for great pl...

Financial pain points

Customers need to feel secure, knowing that they are getting value for money with every purchase. 

Conduct extensive market research to position products suitably in the market. Products should be of good quality and justify their prices. Be transparent about the price of your produ...

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