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Invest in Good Lighting

Invest in Good Lighting

And don’t forget to invest in good lighting, such as a ring light — lighting really is everything!


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Other lighting techniques

Other lighting techniques

  • Side lighting. It illuminates the contours of the face and increases contrast for a dramatic effect.
  • Bounce lighting. A reflector is used to bounce a strong light towards the subject. It spreads and softens the light.
  • Motivated lig...

Lighting techniques essential in filmmaking

Lighting techniques essential in filmmaking

Lighting techniques set the scene of a film. Cinematic lighting creates depth, drama and atmosphere, direct the audience's eye to a specific element, such as an actor or prop, and even reflect the emotions and nature of a character.

Techniques in cinematic lighting include...

Lighting In The Workspace

Lighting In The Workspace

  • There’s no replacement for true natural light.
  • Fluorescent lighting saps your energy and makes you less productive, without even mentioning the environmental issues.
  • LED light can be a good substitute for natural light.

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