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Onboarding Matters

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How to create a successful onboarding process

Why onboarding is crucial for customer retention

How to measure the success of onboarding

Onboarding Matters

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  1. What are the components to the solution
  2. Tactile / Modules / MVP 


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Steve Eppinger

You have to immerse yourself in the problem


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Charles Kettering

If you have always done it that way, it is probably wrong.


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Jakob Nielsen

a wonderful interface solving the wrong problem will fail.


2.45K reads

Key Questions

  1. Feasible
  2. Viable
  3. Desirable 


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5 Stages of Design Think

  1. Empathy 
  2. Define 
  3. Ideate 
  4. Prototype 
  5. Test and Implement 


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Design Think Foundations

Suspend judgment 

  1. Go Wild! 
  2. Up Creativity Before Down Selection 
  3. Avoid Local optimas and Sequence Time Bias 
  4. Prototype Test Refine 
  5. Iteration 
  6. Fail Fast Learn Faster 
  7. Implement


876 reads

Challenges of Innovation

  1. Customer Unmet Needs 
  2. Diverse Voices in solution 
  3. Lower risks and costs 
  4. Easier to kill the creative ideas than to kill the incremental ones.
  5. Employee buy-in.


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  1. Past, Present, and Future
  2. Three Types of Research
  3. generative : Find the New; Needs 
  4. evaluative : Feedback; iterate Forward 
  5. validating : Current happening


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Test / Implement

  1. Allow users to Drive Experience 
  2. Agile - Lean - Iterative - MVP 


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How to Get Started

  1. Start to Gather Insights
  2. Build Scrappy Prototypes 
  3. Turn Problems into Questions 
  4. Research to Understand 


640 reads

Start to Gather Insights

  1. Practicing Empathy
  2. Observation
  3.  Interviewing


381 reads

Build Scrappy Prototypes

  1. Iterate - Measure - Learn 
  2. Learn About Unmet Needs


329 reads

Turn Problems into Questions

When faced with how to improv retention rates

How can we make a better employee experience?



378 reads

Lateral Thinking

Edward De Bono 

Great Book for Ideation 

challenging assumptions


599 reads


  1. Suspend Judgment
  2. Creative Crazy 
  3. Recombine Remix 
  4. Different people 


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4 Principles of Design Thinking

  1. User / Human Centered : 
  2. Flexibility : Embrace Change : Perpetual Beta 
  3. Creative Energies: Propel Innovation 
  4. Doing Centric


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  1. What your users do, say, think, and feel.
  2. What are their Outcome Expectations 
  3. ‘what motivates or discourages users?’ 
  4. ‘where do they experience frustration?’ 


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  1. JTBD: jobs to be done 
  2. needs; unmet Needs >> Opportunities 
  3. common patterns Across Users 


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Doing Centricity

Google method to generate and scale ideas

  1. Experiment 
  2. Measure / Learn 
  3. Share 
  4. Scale 


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Founder startup, analytics, creative thinking

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