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cases of "Black fungus" continue to surge across India

  1. India has 11,717 cases of the Black fungus infection,
  2. growing misinformation about the disease: social media 
  3. "Beware ..  onions black layer .. is the black fungus


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Mucormycosis cocktail

  1. Co-morbidity: diabetes
  2. misuse of steroids
  3. contaminated water in oxygen therapy humidifiers


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How does the infection spread?

  1. The Black fungus infection is not contagious
  2. Air: fungal spores present in the air or the environment
  3. also: enter the body through the cuts in the skin.
  4. mortality rate of 50%.


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What is the Black fungus infection?

  1. Mucormycosis
  2. group of moulds known as mucormycetes.
  3. Black fungus is not exactly black in color
  4. it causes discoloration of the skin
  5. by decreasing the blood supply,
  6. affect people who are on medication for certain health problems
  7. When immune sys...


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Dr. Shesh R Nawange

"This kind of fungus causes infection in rare cases. However, onions should always be thoroughly washed before consuming,"  


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What is that fungus inside your fridge and onions ?

  1. bacteria and yeast tend to grow inside refrigerators and on damp walls,
  2.  advisable to clean or remove such fungus if you find them on your household appliances, experts say.
  3. the black mold on onions?:  aspergillus niger, 
  4. a common fungus found in soil. 
  5. is ra...


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