The importance of prioritizing sleep

The study investigated the effect of caffeine on the completion of simple tasks as well as place-keeping tasks - tasks that need to be completed in a specific order without skipping or repeating steps.

The study looked at the effect of caffeine after a period of sleep deprivation.

  • They found sleep deprivation affected both types of tasks and that caffeine helped people achieve simple tasks.
  • But caffeine had little effect on the performance of place-keeping tasks.
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Relying on caffeine is not always helpful

According to a new study, relying on caffeine to help you through your day can only get you so far.

Caffeine may help you stay awake to attend to a task, but it doesn't help to prevent procedural errors that can cause, for example, medical mistakes and car accidents.

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The necessary amount of sleep

Most adults function best after 7-9 hours of sleep a night.

When we get less than 7 hours, we’re impaired (to degrees that vary from person to person).  When sleep persistently falls below 6 hours per 24, we are at an increased risk of health problems

How to Sleep

The Future of Work

As more and more jobs are eliminated due to technology, we need to keep reinventing ourselves and stay in a permanent state of transition, to be relevant in the future.

The Art of Re-inventing ourselves has 3 key factors:

  • Thinking "different"
  • Working with varied partners
  • Using Technology for creativity and for the pursuit of happiness

The Art of "Reinventing Yourself" in an Automated World!

1. Business Process Manger
  • analyzing and the modeling of business processes
  • digitization of processes and the implementation of artificial intelligence in companies
  • close customer contact and cooperation with different departments
  • usual background is a training or degree with an IT background

The Changing World of Work - 10 New Digital Transformation Jobs

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