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24. Check out LinkedIn‘s Content Marketing Score & Trending Content Resources

24. Check out LinkedIn‘s Content Marketing Score & Trending Content Resources

  1. You can learn how impactful your organic and paid LinkedIn marketing content is with the platform's Content Marketing Score and Trending Content resources.
  2. Your Content Marketing Score tells you your impact on LinkedIn by measuring overall audience engagement with your content.
  3. Trending Content tells you which topics you are posting and sharing content about that are resonating with specific audience groups on the platform, allowing you to optimize your content for greater impact.




  1. Search engine optimization (SEO) isn't limited to blogging — you can also optimize your profile to get discovered by people searching LinkedIn for key terms you want to be found for.

  1. LinkedIn Showcase Pages are niche pages that branch off your business's page to highlight specific initiatives and campaigns or feature specific content you're working on.
  2. Think of

  1. If you use LinkedIn Recruiter, you can use Saved Searches to save your search criteria — if you're marketing job opportunities via LinkedIn, this is a great add...

  1. And speaking of your business's open job opportunities, don't forget to add and market your new positions on the LinkedIn Jobs page.
  2. Here, candidates can learn about your business and openings by searchin...

  1. Found on your LinkedIn homepage, Network Updates are essentially LinkedIn's version of the Facebook News Feed.
  2. Check this feed periodically for a quick snapshot of what your connections, customers, competitors, and others are up to and sharing.
  3. You can also share updates of...

  1. You can add links to your portfolio and social networks to your LinkedIn page.
  2. You can also add links to your content and business information to increase clicks.
  3. This ...

  1. If you're looking to complement your organic LinkedIn marketing efforts with some paid advertising, LinkedIn Ads are a smart choice.
  2. One of the biggest benefits of LinkedIn advertising: the targeting options.
  3. LinkedIn’s PPC ads let...

  1. Want another LinkedIn user or company to see your status update? On LinkedIn, you have the ability to tag — or @mention — users and other companies in your status updates much like the way it works on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.
  2. Include the @ symbol immediately followed by the u...

  1. There are more reasons to create your own Group on LinkedIn.
  2. One of the perks of managing a LinkedIn Group is that LinkedIn makes it simple to interact and communicate with the members of the Group you're in charge of.
  3. You can either

  1. Consider creating a LinkedIn Group of your very own, like HubSpot did with the popular Inbound Marketers Group.
  2. You can use your group to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry, grow a community of advocates, gener...

  1. LinkedIn offers a feature called Endorsements — this allows you to recognize the skills people you work with (such as employees, colleagues, freelancers, or partners) have to offer.

LinkedIn offers features to help you grow your professional network and make valuable connections.

There are several ways to do this depending on what you're looking to accomplish.

Here are some examples:

  • Ad...

  1. With the exception of fellow LinkedIn Group members, the platform only allows you to send messages to people who you share a first-degree connection with.
  2. But did you know some people let you send them messages anyway,...

  1. Publish Status Updates for your business on your LinkedIn page for your followers to see.
  2. You can also post

  1. LinkedIn has over users across the globe. Meaning the platform is one of the top social networks today.
  2. Link...

  1. Now, it's no secret that you can use the connections you make on LinkedIn to drive traffic to your site and grow your base of paying customers.
  2. Exporting your connections — to a

  1. Make your profile look more professional, and easier to share, by customizing your LinkedIn public profile URL.
  2. Instead of a URL with confusing numbers at the end, it will look...

  1. Add your Twitter account to your LinkedIn profile so you can share status updates across platforms.
  2. This is also a great way to boost your Twitter follower and LinkedIn connection counts.
  3. For example, i...

  1. You might consider adding a ProFinder Badge, which is used to identify freelancers within LinkedIn's ProFinder.
  2. This service matches contractors with project managers who are seeking help.
  3. Freelancers can dis...

  1. LinkedIn launched in 2003 and is primarily centered around career networking, building, and sharing.
  2. The platform enables you to connect and share content with other professionals including colleagues,...

  1. Your LinkedIn profile visitors should recognize it as yours to the moment they look at it.
  2. A great way to make your profile easily identifiable and on-brand with your other marketing content is by ensuring your profile's name, ...

  1. Good news! You no longer have to be a LinkedIn Influencer to publish new articles to LinkedIn. Publishing is available to all users on the platform.
  2. Experiment with how this feature can support your marketing goals by creating content and promoting it on your your business's LinkedIn...

  1. LinkedIn Groups are a great way to make connections with people who are in, or interested in, your industry.
  2. By joining Groups related to your industry and participating in di...

  1. You can edit and reorder sections of your LinkedIn profile to highlight specific pieces of information in any...

  1. So ... how are your LinkedIn marketing efforts faring? Analyzing your efforts and making necessary adjustments is critical to your success on the platform.
  2. LinkedIn has in-depth page...

LinkedIn marketing is the process of using LinkedIn to :

  • make connections,
  • generate leads,
  • improve brand awareness,
  • foster business relationships and partnerships,
  • share content, and
  • drive traffic to your website.

When you use ...

  1. You can add the LinkedIn Company Follow button to your website to promote your company's LinkedIn presence and the content you share on the platform.
  2. When your website visi...

  1. LinkedIn allows you to drive traffic to your website, identify quality leads, share your expertise through thought-leadership content, and grow your network.
  2. It's also a great way to market job openings and attract new talent to your c...

  1. In 2014, LinkedIn finally jumped on the cover photo bandwagon and starting rolling out the ability for users to add a background photo to their personal profiles.
  2. Give your LinkedIn...

  1. Learn a little about your audience members, potential leads, and customers who are viewing your profile and marketing content that you're sharing on LinkedIn.
  2. How? With the

  1. The design of LinkedIn pages has changed a lot over the years. Make sure yours is set up correctly and optimized for the latest layout, featuring a compelling and high-quality banner image.
  2. Take a look at what HubSpot's Company Page

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