Good Topics For Small Talk

  • Weather: Major weather events or the immediate weather are good picks.
  • Popular and interesting arts and entertainment topics.
  • Sports: good way for strangers to connect. 
  • Daily news: from your city and the world.
  • Family: this teaches you a lot about someone in a short period of time. 
  • Job: If your work is hard to explain, consider keeping business cards in your wallet.
  • Vacations:if you travel, prepare to answer questions and give opinions about the places you have visited. 
  • Travel:people love to talk about their favorite spots and what they recommend. 
  • Popular celebrities.
  • Hobbies:people like to talk about theirs and may be interested in yours. 
  • Hometowns:are a common subject, so have interesting anecdotes to tell. 

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