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Why a revolving door of team members is fuel for success

Why a revolving door of team members is fuel for success

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More perspectives drive innovation

Studies have shown that more diverse teams - in terms of race, gender and other factors - are more successful. The different perspectives increase innovation.

Teams just need one or two new faces to bring a fresh perspective. Team success isn't even dependent on the person bringing new knowledge. Explaining to a new person how you do things can force you to think consciously and give you a new perspective.

Constantly changing team members

Constantly changing team members

Hearing the term 'revolving door' in the workplace can mean constant staff turnover and signal something very wrong with how a company is managed.

Yet, a little bit of disruption can also be positive. New research shows that shaking up your team just the right amount or bringing new faces into an organisation can increase creativity.

The 'fresh face' effect

The 'fresh face' effect

Researchers wanted to test the idea that new faces can make a huge impact. They used Doctor Who from the world of television. Doctor Who is a science-fiction programme where the Doctor solves crimes and saves planets. Doctor Who regenerates rather than dies. Thirteen lead actors have portrayed the character.

The researchers found that the teams with more new faces produced high-rated episodes. The fewer new faces the worse average ratings those episodes received in the study.

The necessary 'shock'

There's something counterintuitive about changing team members regularly.

Most companies desire stability, especially if the team is doing really well. But knowing the benefits, managers need to be aware of the potentially positive impact of new blood.

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