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In the past, people use to drink alcohol and used to consume certain substances in order to escape from the reality, but now you don’t need to do any of that because you are just a click away from escaping reality, just pick up your phone, open any social media application and you are lost.


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Do you know what you can do instead of living like this?

Take a week’s break from whatever you are doing and

  • Think about yourself
  • Introspect and understand what you are
  • What you want in your life
  • How you want to live it


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But Why? Why do we do this to ourselves?

The answer is simple, either you are not liking what you are doing or what you are doing is not for you. Due to this you “Procrastinate” or you try to “Escape” from reality.


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Life is meant to be enjoyed and if you can enjoy it while doing what you love and without wasting your crucial time, then you wouldn’t have any regrets on your deathbed.


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“The art of being indulged in something else so as to avoid or deviate from your actual purpose or problems” - Farzan

Nowadays, escaping from the reality and living in your own world and your own dreams have become much easier than living the real life which we have.


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Instead of wasting your time escaping from your present life, invest your time in figuring out what is the life you want to live. Instead of slipping into that rathole of scrolling through the feed, go watch or read about different topics and see what interests you and maybe you’ll find something...


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