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The Philosophy Of Alan Watts

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The importance of living in the present moment

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The Philosophy Of Alan Watts

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Steal from the heart you personally care about

You can speak from the heart about why you personally care about an issue.

You can share real stories of people who have benefitted from your product.

All of these techniques make a difference in how people see you, and none of them require you to make unrealistic claims.


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How to increase social confidence

You can boost your social confidence by practicing to

  1. speak up in groups,
  2. hiring a speech coach,
  3. dressing better,
  4. improving your posture — all without compromising your vision and values.

There are a lot of ways to get people psyched about a...


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There are two types of confidence

One is what psychologists call epistemic confidence,or certainty. How sure you are about what’s true? If you say, “I’m 99% positive he’s lying” or “I guarantee this will work,” you’re displayin...


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People judge you on your social confidence

Franklin and Bezos’ experiences suggest that, when it comes to the impression you make on people, being more self-assured is better than expressing certainty — and research agrees.


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Use the interview method to squash faulty assumptions

Our assumptions about what employers care about or what will make a product sell can easily be cleared up by using the interview method.

  • Identify five people who are moderately successful in your field.
  • Ask them if you can buy them lunch.
  • Meet with...

The three reasonable responses

Whenever you meet someone else in distress, make them go through the below filter in order to get to the root of the issue:

  • How can I help?
  • I am sorry things did not work out as expected
  • Please take your time to think about all this and let me know if you need me

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