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  • The Championships is one of the oldest sporting events in the world, it was first held in 1877.
  • The first match was played on the ground situated near Worple Road.
  • The tournament was played at the All England Law Tennis and Croquet Club.
  • The first tournament had only one event which was the gentlemen's singles. From 1877 to 1922, Wimbledon title defenders only had to participate in the finals.
  • There are 6,000 staff members that make the Championships run smoothly.
  • An approximate of 61,700 pounds of strawberries and more than 10,000 liters of fresh cream are consumed during the tournament.
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In the 30s and the 40s, Disney movies had artists and animators manually working on sketches and colouring. Drawings were redrawn with every changing movement, with originally created colours mixed and put on the animated characters, creating authentic effects.

Some movies, like Sleeping Beauty, required nearly a million drawings, followed by a tedious colouring process.

There is a theory that Nefertiti was Tutankhamun's mother and that they ruled together, but she was a female pharaoh on her own before Tutankhamun came into his own.

If Nefertiti was the Younger Lady found in tomb KV35, then she died a horrible death. It appears she received a heavy blow to the face, smashing many bones that possibly resulted in a massive loss of blood. Death would have occurred quickly.

Meeting The Future Queen
  • Philip and Elizabeth first met in 1934, when he was 13 and she was 8.
  • Five years later, the pair crossed paths again: As Elizabeth’s cousin recalled in her autobiography, the princess “was truly in love from the very beginning.”
  • The couple wed in 1947, embarking on a 74-year partnership that would cement Philip’s status as the United Kingdom’s longest-serving royal consort.
B.F. Skinner
  • Burrhus Frederic Skinner is known for his work on operant conditioning - it is a form of behavior modification that helps elaborate and alter certain behaviors.
  • He is also famously known for his experimentation using a condition chamber or commonly known as the "Skinner Box". The Skinner Box led to the formation of theories about ideal reward reinforcement schedules.

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