Encouraging employees to work towards their personal growth is the real firestarter to spurt inspired work, creating a passionate and committed workforce.

One has to see each employee as a unique person with goals, aspirations and dreams. The interview process for new hires has to focus on employees personal growth and not just on what we want the employee to do. Smart people, when told what to do, stop being smart.

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  • The ‘young achiever’ success story is pleasantly unexpected and is often circulated more as it makes people feel happier. Young achievers are glorified, idolized, and spark awe among the general population.
  • From Magnus Carlson, the young Norwegian chess player, to Lionel Messi, who became a pro at his game at age 17, talent at a young age appears impressive and leaves a positive impact.
Th velvet hammer feedback formula

A feedback method focused on providing nonthreatening and open-minded feedback.

The formula goes: “Got a minute? Great. I need your help. I noticed that [problem behavior goes here.] (Pause) I was wondering what’s causing this problem (pause), because it cannot continue. What do you suggest we do?”

Delegate work to show trust

Show that you trust your team by delegating work and giving people big problems to solve.

  • The hub-and-spoke decision-making model. It's likely you don't have enough experience, brainpower, or time to succeed. The way forward is using a small group of elite talent, traditional experts, or a consulting team and having them set the course. This model uses interviews and read-outs to provide all the information and perspectives required to draw solutions. The process can take a long period of time.
  • Many-to-many decision-making model. You are engaging the talent in and around your organization. Whatever they are missing can readily be filled by external experts. The way to proceed is to ensure interactions between many specialized people in ways that combine their knowledge and talent to create unique recommendations. This model generates a high-volume of high-quality conversations. Speed to execution and change is the norm.

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