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9 Lessons for the First-Time Manager

9 Lessons for the First-Time Manager


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9 Lessons for the First-Time Manager

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Probe Work That Seems Ok

If the work is reported to be ok or fine by your subordinates, maybe you need to dig in deep and probe more.

The employee reporting to you may be struggling and not providing the true details of the situation.


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Strategize Around Strengths 

It pays to highlight the strength an employee brings and then to work on minimizing the weak aspects. Start and work with the impact and value the employee is making to your team.


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Define Ownership

Ownership and accountability need to be defined so that your team knows who is responsible for what.


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The 'Sandwich Approach' Is Outdated

Instead of the sandwich approach to provide feedback, try to be direct and dispassionate.


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Create a Feedback Cycle

Get a nod or a confirmation on the feedback that is delivered, so that it is clear and the employee hasn't taken away something unexpected or unintended from your conversation.


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Diversify work within the team so that the long term and short term goals are both taken care of.


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Fire Fast

Instead of hanging on to a bad fit, and prolonging the support to employees who are struggling, it is better to let them go.


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Meetings should be clear

Have goal-oriented and clear meetings, only when it is important and necessary.


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Delegate work to show trust

Show that you trust your team by delegating work and giving people big problems to solve.


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