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Why we eat breakfast

In North America and Europe, breakfast often consists of bacon, eggs, and toast. However, anything nutritious can be eaten in the morning. So why do Westerners then associate these foods with breakfast?

The word 'breakfast' means different things depending on the language. For example, breakfast as the day's first meal was tied to fasting before taking the Eucharist, but this same meal can mean 'small lunch' in French or even 'light supper' in Italian.

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Why Are Certain Foods Eaten Mainly at Breakfast?


Being In A Crowd
  • Humans are a social species, designed to feel a heightened sense of physical arousal when around others.
  • Being in a crowd has many psychological and social benefits, even if all the people are complete strangers.

Power of People: Why Being in a Crowd Feels Good


Preference Falsification

It is a universally pervasive phenomenon where we misrepresent publicly what we really think or believe or want privately due to fearing the possible consequences or to a benefit we may receive.

It can happen in settings like in the government, the academe, and even just between a group of friends.

What Is Preference Falsification?


Bungee Jumping: The Legend

An extreme form of sport that is relatively safe, bungee jumping has a brief, surprising history.

It has its roots in Pentecost Island in the Southern Pacific region. The old legend had a female victim of marital abuse jumping off a large tree with her feet tied to the vines, escaping the fall. The abusive husband who jumped after her died after hitting the ground.

The amusing history of Bungee Jumping


Essential skills for filtering information
  • Mindfulness: the awareness of context and of changes within that context.
  • Discernment: the ability to recognize and anticipate the consequences of the patterns around you.
  • Action: Having a bias for action and immediate implementation is how rapid learning occurs.
  • Expectancy: The belief in your ability to seize or create a future outcome.
  • Feedback: You shouldn’t and can’t avoid feedback if you want to learn. 
  • Adaptability: If you want to adjust to new norms, you’ll have to adapt to them.

Do You Have These 6 'Mindful' Skills? Or Are You Distracted?


Classical music offers something on a large scale

Very few art forms offer something as big as an orchestra—one hundred people playing music that can last over half an hour.

To start with, try to identify some of the different things you hear.

  • Pick one of the nine Beethoven symphonies, then add to the Western canon: Brahms Second, Tchaikovsky's Sixth, Mahler's Fifth, Bruckner's Seventh, and Shostakovich's Fifth.
  • Or start from the 21st century and work backwards.

Perspective | A beginner’s guide to enjoying classical music. No snobs allowed.


The Music Of Our Youth

Music is linked to our memory and emotion and certain life experiences and autobiographical memories are better recalled than others.

We are nostalgic and extremely emotional about the music we heard in our formative years when we were young. We believe that music from the past was better, but each generation is deeply connected to the music heard in the specific decade where they were teens coming of age.

Why we're obsessed with music from our youth


This carol reveals customs. Under the Tudor monarchs, wassailing and mumming were still practised, with carollers and players performing from door to door.

It was bad luck not to reward their efforts with food and drink, including the 'figgy pudding,' or Christmas pudding.

Christmas carols: the history behind 5 festive favourites


Identity-Based Habits

Building these habits means focusing on the type of person you wish to become rather than the outcome you wish to achieve.

Your current behaviors are simply a reflection of your current identity. To change your behavior for good, you need to start believing new things about yourself. 

Identity-Based Habits: How to Actually Stick to Your Goals



“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.”

The Incredible Power of Contentment



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