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A Comprehensive Guide to the Graphic Design Workflow

A Comprehensive Guide to the Graphic Design Workflow



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Graphic design involves many moving parts, so being organized and having a well-structured plan is a must. A graphic design workflow is the best way to structure your plan and achieve the best result.

Having a good graphic design workflow means you know your client and audience’s expectatio...

The brief of a graphic design project helps you understand the scope of the project and the desired outcome. It should include all the relevant information to prevent errors and confusion. Here is the information you need to have in a comprehensive brief:

  • Client’s company details

Your brief should be informed by thorough research. Researching the subject means you will have lots of valuable information to assist you. It helps you understand your target audience and informs the overall design process.

Understanding your audience helps you create relevant and valuable...

With your outline and research complete, you should now know what the client and audience want. Next comes brainstorming ideas to make it happen. Moodboards are a good way to get the creative juices flowing.

A moodboard is a collection of visuals to help you understand the outline and turn ...

Make a rough sketch of your ideas

The next stage in the graphic design workflow is a rough sketch of your ideas. Rough sketches can be done digitally or by hand. Some designers prefer sketching by hand because there are fewer distractions, but it’s up to you.

If the criticism and feedback are constructive and you can make the changes within the timeframe, don’t modify the designs based on your client’s feedback immediately. Some people tend to change their minds after they’ve thought things over again for some time. If your client is one of those peop...

Now that you’re fully prepared, you can move onto the final stage of the graphic design workflow: finalizing the product. Work from your sketches; this late stage of the graphic design workflow isn’t the time to experiment.

Make sure you’ve fulfilled the guidelines set out in the outline. A...

A good graphic design workflow helps you stay organized and visualize the result before you get started. It prevents confusion between the designer and the client. With a good graphic design flow, you can also collaborate effectively with team members, making the workflow more efficient. The resu...

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