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Being an Employee or Employer??

Being an Employee or Employer??

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Ask yourself, do you wish to be an employee or employer?

Ask yourself, do you wish to be an employee or employer?

Most of you would answer that in a beat but are we doing something to be our own Bosses?

With the advent of the lockdowns, I stumbled upon a simple yet powerful notion, that I always wanted to work with the best in the field rather than being the best in the field. And I think most of us have had the same thought process when it comes to the dream job. This Pandemic has accelerated the growth of startups and unconventional workspaces that has given a strong push to our mindsets to change and embrace the new normal.


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Salary Vs. Profit

Salary Vs. Profit

If you are employed as an employee and your knowledge can be traded off for a wage, then this is what you get. A salary generates income which enables one to live a good life. A salary is probably the only thing that guarantees your existence in this world. But what if I have more knowledge than you? Do you think it matters? Then answer me this…

"What can you do for me to make me the best in the field?”

Can you provide me with a wage for my knowledge and experience?

If you're answer is no, then go ahead and run your business as an employer rather than an employee.


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Not every person can be an effective finance manager nor is it sure that a business visionary can be an extraordinary corporate leader. It is additionally false that having your own business is the lone way to monetary security since a corporate profession may likewise make you millions. It isn’t just a question of what you need to be yet in addition to a candid and careful evaluation of your capacities. Don’t limit yourself. As Mary Kay Ash said “Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember, you can achieve!!”



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