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Let It Go: Teaching a Micromanager How to Chill

Let It Go: Teaching a Micromanager How to Chill

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Suffocating bosses—also known as micromanagers—often send this message to subordinates: “I don’t trust you to get the job done, nor to do it right.”

Contrary to the best social science research—which shows that people who believe that they are being watched perform at a lower level—micromanagers require incessant updates and daily huddles, and they closely scrutinize, and often criticize, how their employees complete tasks.


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Traits Of A Micromanager

Traits Of A Micromanager

  • Constantly checks on where workers are.
  • Asks to be copied on all team e-mails.
  • Is reluctant to delegate.
  • Breaks projects into small tasks that make employees feel that their contributions are insignificant.
  • Checks and double-checks on deadlines and asks for frequent updates, even about small tasks.
  • Rarely asks for input from others.
  • Applies the same level of intensity and scrutiny to every task, failing to prioritize.
  • Is never quite satisfied with a work product.
  • Takes great pride in correcting or changing people’s work.
  • Is subject to extreme mood swings.


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The Reason Micromanagers Behaving Like This

A micromanager is a person who probably has a poor self-image, so he or she doesn’t believe they deserve to be where they are, and so thinks the same about the people they supervise. So the constant checking and looking over employees’ shoulders are really checks on their own ability to do the job. They don’t believe in themselves, so they believe in no one else.


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The Climate Of Fear: How Micromanagers Effect Others

The Climate Of Fear: How Micromanagers Effect Others

Employees who work for micromanagers often feel that their boss doesn’t trust them or value their contributions. This can cause workers to feel disrespected, devalued and demoralized. 

The manager’s mood swings can convince subordinates to avoid interacting with him or her.  

Over time, employees’ professional growth is stunted because the micromanager won’t give them opportunities to shine.


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Handling the Micromanager: Coaching

Handling the Micromanager: Coaching

The belief systems that create the micromanager may not go away overnight.

Weaning the micromanager off their controlling belief system takes time and constant feedback. More importantly, the micromanager must know that they’re safe when they allow others to succeed. It doesn’t diminish their value but actually enhances it. Regular coaching sessions are the way to go for most cases.


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