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Gamification: can video games change our money habits?

Gamification: can video games change our money habits?


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Gamification Of Money Apps

It is 2021, and there is an app for everything. Now companies are trying new and innovative ways to hook millions to their app.

Many app makers, like those in FinTech(Financial Technology), are trying to boost the performance, engagement levels and ‘stickiness’ of the app by using gami...

Gaming generated USD 179 billion in 2020, making it more valuable than movies or sports. Gamers spend an average of 8 hours per week playing video games but another set of statistics show that more than half of all Americans are living on the edge, with no savings, even while being financiall...

  • App makers are infusing game mechanics and game experiences with their products to add a level of thrill and instant gratification(with variable rewards) and make the experience similar to a slot machine.
  • This helps increase engagement levels and people can save money while enjoying ...

Gamification works on our motivational levels, satisfying our psychological needs, and providing us with a sense of reward.

The brain goes in a ‘neurologic immersion’ state where we crave more ‘variable rewards’ that are unpredictable, emotionally charged and engaging.

Example: Sc...

The lottery is a USD 70 billion industry.

Financial and banking apps use this interest for the lottery and incorporate small ‘games’ inside their apps that encourage customers to make automatic investments and win prizes without hurting their principal amount.

Though there is an amoun...

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