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What Makes a Superhero?

What Makes a Superhero?


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What Makes a Superhero?

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The Superhero: A Primer

  • A superhero is a special character who performs heroic actions, usually because of the extraordinary powers he or she possesses.
  • Firefighters, doctors and the police perform heroic actions, but don’t possess super capabilities.
  • Superheroes also follow a strict moral code and are sympathetic, patient and giving.
  • Many Gods, mutants, magicians, scientists, teenagers and tech enthusiasts are on the(rather long) list of superheroes.


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  • Some superheroes are born with certain gifts, superpowers they didn’t ask for(X-men).
  • Freak accidents are common too(The Hulk, Spiderman) providing some kind of sudden power to a good, moral person.
  • Superheroes are usually good guys or have good traits that are further explored.
  • They stand for truth and justice, but often have human flaws and are seen struggling in almost all stories.
  • The struggle combined with internal conflicts makes superheroes relatable and human.


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The First Superhero

The first true Superhero was undeniably Superman, The alien from planet Krypton. However, Hugo Hercules, Tarzan and the Lone Ranger came before Superman, though they were not the perfect definition of Superheroes.

Action Comics(part of D.C.) debuted Superman in 1938, when the dying planet has a small spaceship escaping with a baby, who lands on our planet.


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D.C. And Marvel

D.C. had tremendous success with Wonder Woman, Batman and The Flash apart from Superman. However, Stan Lee and his Marvel comics gave them tough competition with Spiderman and The Hulk.

Now in 2021, Marvel is a mega-producer of movies and web series featuring an assorted list of Superheroes like Captain America, Iron Man and The Avengers, while D.C. is now a little behind.


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Just like Yin-Yang, Black and White, Sun and Moon and other dualities, a good Superhero needs a good villain for a compelling story. The antagonist is required for every protagonist. 

True Supervillains are not mere thugs or thieves but smart men with amazing abilities and super-motivation.

Batman would still be in the back alleys at night going after pickpockets if it was not for the Joker!


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