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Business-aware design refers to the practice of incorporating business knowledge and understanding into the design process. It involves designers having a deep understanding of business principles, strategies, and goals, and using that knowledge to inform their design decisions

Approach-avoidance conflict in the brain causes procrastination, where the desire to do a task conflicts with the fear or anxiety associated with it. Clear and specific goals can help overcome procrastination by activating the motivation and planning centres in the brain. Tweaking the challenge-skill balance, regulating time, and defining the scope of a task can also help overcome procrastination.

To succeed in the business world, it is crucial for leaders to possess strong skills in strategic thinking and communication. The ability to not only develop effective strategies, but also articulate them clearly, is what sets individuals apart and propels them to the highest levels of success.

Lean UX concept is important for all Product UX/UI Designers

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