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Bob Iger - CEO and Chairman of Disney

Bob Iger - CEO and Chairman of Disney


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Bob said yes to every opportunity that presented itself. Not only to never miss an opportunity but more so to prove to himself that he was always capable of doing things unfamiliar to him.

Luck is a huge factor in success Looking back, your career looks linear, but there were thousands of c...

Bob Iger

Know what you don’t know and trust what you do

Bob’s 10 Leadership Principles 1/2

Optimism – pragmatic enthusiasm for the possibility of achievement

Courage – the foundation of risk-taking

Focus – allocation of time and resources to the most important issue at hand

Decisiveness – decisions ne...

Fairness – empathy and accessibility to everyone in the organization, no matter their role

Thoughtfulness – taking the time to develop informed opinions

Authenticity – being true to yourself no matter what, drives respect and trust

Roone Arledge – President of ABC Sports

  • To tell great stories, you need great talent
  • Be decent and authentic – if you care for your people, they will care for you
  • Innovate or die – you’ll never have innovation if you operate out of fear

Management Advice by Bob

Managing creative talent is not a science, it is subjective Give permission to fail – not for lack of effort but for pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Convey faith – never let your employees think they are incapable of achieving greatness Be a fan! It feels good to be cheered for....

Bob is maniacal about his workout routine

His Reasons for working out: Health, Vanity, Sanity

Exercise always gave Bob an opportunity for solitude, to be still with his thoughts.

His Morning routine:

  • Starts his day at 4:15 am: figure out what is best for you – morning...

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