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The Joy of Letting Go

The Joy of Letting Go


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The Joy of Letting Go

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Struggles That Stem From Our Attachments

  • Overworking: an attachment to getting as much done as possible.
  • Putting things off: an attachment to doing it right or to getting a particular outcome.
  • Frustrations with other people: having people behave the way we want them to, or to having them be happy with us.
  • Feeling overwhelmed: an attachment to a feeling of order, simplicity, or knowing exactly what to do.
  • Addictions to social media: a feeling of comfort, or maybe a feeling of being entertained.
  • Clutter: an attachment to possessions for emotional reasons.
  • Social anxiety: having people view us a certain way.


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A Joyful Letting Go

Once we can see the attachment, we can practice with it, and see if we can release the attachment.

  • Breathe. Turn towards the present moment.
  • Let yourself feel the emotion associated with the attachment. Just be with it, mindfully, and feel it as a sensation in the body.
  • Ask if the attachment is serving you.
  • Ask would it could be like without the attachment.
  • Joyfully release the attachment like releasing your grip on a balloon … and let it float away! See if you can experience a few moments without the attachment, and see what that’s like. What’s available to you when you are free of the attachment?


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