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Giving credit matters. Here’s how to give it—and get it

Giving credit matters. Here’s how to give it—and get it


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The Gap In Opportunity And Credit

Giving and taking credit is a tough subject to speak up about. The prevailing cultural narrative around the world is to be humble, that no task is too small, and when you work hard, the satisfaction of a job well done should be reward enough. If you keep working hard, you’ll be recognized—or so t...

Women Of Colour And Lack Of Recognition

While a gap exists even in the recognition that white women receive compared with white men, white women are still more likely to be in high-visibility positions compared with women of colour.

For people who do get credit for their brilliance, and whose social identities largely afford them...

Run Inclusive Meetings

If you’re a manager who leads many meetings, there’s ample opportunity for you to be inclusive on purpose. The first step is to take stock of who usually leads meetings, who gets to present at them, and who is celebrated as innovative and productive during them. In most cases, this is a white per...

Repeat and Then Get Out Of the Way

Often when women state an idea, it’s ignored, but when a man repeats it, it’s revered and applauded. This even has a name: hepeating.

Meritocracy convinces us that ...

Pass the Mic to Amplify

Become aware of who is considered a visionary and who is seen as a follower. Once you intentionally observe, you will notice that it’s largely white people and men who are given the floor to air ideas or ask questions.

Whenever possible, call on women of colour in meetings or other settings...

Sponsor Women of Color for High-Visibility Projects and Roles

Research shows that high-visibility projects disproportionately are led and staffed by men. Just 22% of the women’s project budgets exceeded $10 million, compared with 30% of the men’s. Most troubling of all, one-third of men reported that their assignments got significant attention from the C-su...

Redistribute Office Housework

Office housework refers to routine administrative tasks that keep an organization running smoothly. 

Measure what work in your workplace has to be done for things to run smoothly—from taking meeting notes, organizing birthday/retirement celebrations, ordering lunches, and serving on committ...

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