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The mind of a child is full of weird ideas, but when adulthood comes, it sets up cognitive filters inside the mind to block out strange ideas, letting only the conventional ones pass through.

The brilliant ideas don’t cross the ‘toll gate’ established inside us, and we need to adopt strategies to relax our cognitive filters and let those ideas come through.

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Leadership Theories

Leadership theories try to explain how and why certain people become leaders. Some theories focus on leaders' characteristics, while others attempt to identify behaviours that people can adopt.

Previously, debates on the psychology of leadership suggested that these were inherent skills. However, recent theories propose that while certain traits may help natural leaders, experience and situational variables also play a vital role.

People prefer leaders with charisma

Charisma is the ability to convince followers that you can influence other members of a broader group to cooperate.

In tough times, people want leaders who can make a compelling pitch and inspire a sense of urgency - someone with charisma.

  • Teacher: being a role model, provides information, and understands what the mentee needs.
  • Sponsor: helping the mentee with opportunities and promotes the mentee's skills to others.
  • Cheerleader: serves as a motivation and challenge at the same time to help the mentee improve.
  • Counselor: listening, clarifying, and giving the mentee advice.
  • Friend: engaging in more than a professional relationship to support the mentee in his personal and professional growth.
Build a supportive community

We can't have it all and do it all by ourselves. Building a supportive community across work colleagues and your personal life creates a balance to enable you to handle challenges and do more.

Model behaviors that encourage balance, and talk openly about what balance looks like. It means spending extra effort to deliver on a deadline can be balanced with flexibility and personal time. It means balancing business growth with a focus on career growth for individuals. And, it means proving employees with the tools and permission to find their right balance.

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