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Combining kindness and candour can help to be an even more effective communicator.


Gary Vaynerchuk on the Power of Kind Candor

Gary Vaynerchuk on the Power of Kind Candor


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Initiate and navigate difficult conversations

Business leaders find initiating and navigating difficult conversations a common challenge.

Regardless of different communication styles, leaders can use a five-step process to improve communication by combining kindness and candour.

Gary Vaynerchuk's natural tendency is to lead with trust: He is confident to give trust instead of having it earned. That comes with giving people the benefit of the doubt, and it connects and grows trust.

However, there is a difference between giving people the benefit of the doubt and mak...

Understand the impact of your behaviour

When you exclude kindness and candour, you risk damaging your company culture. If you are too upfront, you could appear as a mean-spirited bully, and if you are too kind, you can be viewed as a push-over.

Gary says that he had to address his lack of candour. He was using his desire to be ki...

Explore your underlying beliefs

Your beliefs shape how you approach kindness and candour.

Gary believed that everyone was doing their best and nobody would try to manipulate a situation to their advantage.

Kindness in the workplace creates a safer environment, but it can't replace addressing perform...

Paying attention to how we communicate and how other's respond to us can help us learn where we need to improve.

When we take responsibility for our behaviour when we've made a mistake, we show that we are accountable. It allows others to trust us, provided that we take steps to change our ...

Kindness and candour don't have to be in an antagonistic relationship. You can combine them.

Practising a new way of communicating will not always be perfect. Finding a good balance between kindness and candour will take time and is where you will find the magic.

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