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Continuing in the AI series, here we talk about how iterating over your prompts yields better results.

ChatGPT is a powerful tool, and understanding how to ask it is knowledge that we all should have. "Give a man a fish, and hell be sated for a day. Teach him how to, and he'll never be hungry in his life". The same philosophy applies here.

Being innately social beings, we often overlook how physical social networks drive brand loyalty and recurring sales. Understanding this side of us unlocks a whole different dimension on how to market better.

Marketing is a hard field to tackle. Every field has a different approach based on its limitations. I feel that understanding the psychology behind the purchases we make and our decisions leads to better positioning and understanding of why we buy products

Communication is an underrated tool. It's easy to notice why a team works well when you see them talk, but when a team doesn't work it's not easy to see why they don't work well , even if they're a stellar team

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