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Using social proof to market better

Using social proof to market better

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Our drive to be affirmed by others

Our drive to be affirmed by others

We copy behaviors, just so that we fit in. This is even more so in unfamiliar situations.

Decisions that seem 'Correct' are dictated by others, especially when they're role models or similar to us


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Key concepts

  • Mental Shortcuts
  • Similarity persuades the best
  • Role-modelling behaviour


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Mental shortcuts

Mental shortcuts

Ever bought the highest reviewed product on Amazon without thinking twice?

You subconsciously bought into using a mental shortcut

More people recommend a product, and it makes it easier for us to make a decision.

This works best for onboarding new users.


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Persuade through similarity

Persuade through similarity

Buying a product a close friend is a no-brainer most times. It's said that word-of-mouth is the strongest way to grow.

Why is this so?

One such factor is that we as humans are ingrained to place the most importance to similarity.

We're most influenced by people who we think are similar to us.

By communicating characteristics that are common to the group we're targeting, we are better able to direct behavior


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Role-models lead the way

Role-models lead the way

Who are role models? People who have an emotional impact into how we function.

This emotional impact is stronger than similarity, as these are people we either want to learn from or aspire to be.

Such people can directly influence opinions and behavior, especially when they're vested deep into communities.


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Entropically curious 👁️‍🗨️


Being innately social beings, we often overlook how physical social networks drive brand loyalty and recurring sales. Understanding this side of us unlocks a whole different dimension on how to market better.

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