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Slow work computers

A zippy piece of software makes work feel more efficient, and the core speed and responsiveness of a digital experience is the secret sauce to making any piece of software feel like it’s working for you. 

But whereas over the past decade, the consumer software on our phones and laptops runs more or less without hiccups, enterprise software can still be stuck in molasses.

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Music creates an emotional atmosphere

Factors associated with emotion in music:

  • Musical pleasure: The positive feelings are beneficial to health and creative thinking.
  • Musical surprise: E.g. unexpected harmonies, or entry of a solo voice.
  • Appraisal: Evaluating music give rise to emotions such as pleasure or displeasure.
  • Action tendency: Music encourages the desire to coordinate with the music (dancing, foot-tapping).
  • Being in sync with the rhythm.
  • Memory: We listen to music that we associate with fond memories.
  • Emotional contagion: Music evokes emotions at a social level, such as concerts.
  • Imagination: What is perceived in the music.
Song Opening Lines

Songwriting is a bit like dating. The first words make or break the impression.

A strong opening line in a song has to be interesting and mysterious. Like the Righteous Brothers sang in the song ‘You’ve lost that lovin’ feelin’: "You never close your eyes anymore when I kiss your lips."

Sunlight And Solar Energy
  • In the form of heat and light, solar energy can cover all our energy needs in a clean, versatile manner.
  • Photovoltaics, or Solar panels with silicon cells, convert light into electricity as the photon rays of the sun charge up the cells.
  • Solar-thermal power plants use the heat of the sun along with lenses to focus the sunlight in a concentrated place, to heat water or other substances. This can be used for the hot water needs of households, or to drive a turbine for generating electricity.
Life as a narrow bridge

"The world is a narrow bridge and the important thing is to not be afraid" - Hebrew prayer.

The world we live in is uncertain and full of risks and it's easy to get scared and look down instead of looking forward. But if you peer over to the side of the bridge, you lose the motivation to continue, you freeze up and stop making good decisions.

Stoic Motivation: It's Ok To Be Scared. Just Don't Be AFRAID.


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