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This 6-Step Graphic Design Process Drives Results | Brafton

This 6-Step Graphic Design Process Drives Results | Brafton


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The graphic design process

Graphic design is a critical visual communication tool marketers use to convey key messages about a brand that resonates with target audiences. It’s all about producing visual assets that are eye-catching, on-brand and aligned with specific messaging.


Also called a design brief, this document will capture all of your client’s wants and needs and other key project specifications.

Your creative brief should address:

  • Company information (e.g., mission, offerings, unique value proposition).
  • Brand guideline...

During the research stage, spend time:

  • Understanding the specific product or service you’re representing.
  • Examining competitors’ design work.
  • Assessing your brand’s market positioning and differentiating qualities.
  • Exploring other visual content your target audi...

Depending on what you’re working on, the concept development and refinement stage may involve sketching out thumbnails, mockups or graphic elements.

Regardless of the scale of your project, it’s important to present your initial concepts to the rest of the team. A good graphic design rule ...

Once all stakeholders are in agreement and you have all that you need to proceed with the design, it’s time to execute the project.

During the design stage, a graphic designer will be expected to implement best practices related to the use of color, typography, the hierarchy of info...

Depending on what type of team you’re working with, this part of the graphic design process may look something like this:

  • Submit the design work for internal review.
  • Make any requested changes.
  • Present the updated design to your client or other dec...

Now that you’ve gotten final approval from all stakeholders, you’re ready to deliver the assets in the appropriate formats.

  • Package them up so they’re ready for production and can be easily implemented into whatever digital or print format your recipients need.
  • Your creative b...

Graphic design and marketing go hand in hand — and generating marketing results isn’t easy without a solid strategy in place for communicating across teams and producing visual assets that meet your specifications

Once your creative brief is approved, this serves as...

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