Slow work computers

A zippy piece of software makes work feel more efficient, and the core speed and responsiveness of a digital experience is the secret sauce to making any piece of software feel like it’s working for you. 

But whereas over the past decade, the consumer software on our phones and laptops runs more or less without hiccups, enterprise software can still be stuck in molasses.



The real reason you’re not more productive at work? It’s not boredom—it’s bad UX

Some businesses are built upon aging desktop PCs. ut an even bigger reason, is that nothing inside the enterprise software world is making software go faster. Take the example of Google, which in ranking its search results, examines a site’s speed to load. That sort of auditing has pushed web developers to optimize websites.

But that’s already changing because the market for trying and buying software is shifting rapidly. One of the most interesting parts is there are now a lot of pieces of software you can download and start using with you and some teammates. That’s a user-led adoption curve.



One of the greatest divides between consumer software and enterprise software comes down to workflow.

If you’re ordering a meal via Uber Eats, every step is perfectly sequential. You know your options, and you know when you’ve done each step successfully. Compare that to loading Excel, and staring at an endless spreadsheet. What do you do first, especially if you’re new to a job? And when do you know you’re done?

With a lot of systems, it’s not clear what to do next. You can do anything at any time! But think about how consumer expenses are designed: It's this one thing next, or these three things next. Consumer UX is on rails, and enterprise UX is often boundless.



Companies, and their software, are filled with highly specialized acronyms that you can only learn on the job.

While established employees can master acronyms over time, new employees can take a long time to learn them. When buttons are labeled with acronyms, that can be a recipe for disaster if you’re training new people on the job.



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