Is your mentor a good match? Ask yourself these 3 questions - Deepstash
Is your mentor a good match? Ask yourself these 3 questions

Is your mentor a good match? Ask yourself these 3 questions


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Is your mentor a good match? Ask yourself these 3 questions

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Seeking A Good Match: Mentorship

Given the Great Resignation, employees are reclaiming their power, advocating for themselves, and seeking a better work experience.

This includes having mentorship available that is inclusive, measurable, and results-driven. With the shift to virtual work and employees becoming increasingly mindful of their priorities, we’re seeing an increase in employees wanting not only mentorship but also a way to connect virtually with other employees in order to build meaningful relationships.

There are three questions we need to ask ourselves.


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Can You Truly Open Up With Your Mentor?

A solid mentor-mentee relationship can boost confidence, positively impact mental health, and even lead to future promotions.

Ask yourself whether this person believes in you, wants to help you achieve your goals, and will give you the space to be vulnerable. By simply participating in a corporate mentorship program, you both have a shared investment in each other’s personal growth. There has to be a mutual willingness to show humility and to practice transparency.


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Do You Click With This Person?

You sometimes meet someone and feel an instant connection, as if you’ve known them your entire life. You connect with this person in a way that’s hard to put into words; you just “get” each other in a distinct way. In a mentor-mentee relationship, that might manifest as building on each other’s ideas and even finishing each other’s sentences.


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Do You Dread Meeting Up?

A mentorship meeting shouldn’t be something you “have to do.” If an upcoming mentorship meetup sends you into a spiral of anxious thinking, that’s a good indicator that you and your mentor might not be a good fit. Yes, working through your goals will be difficult at times, but there’s a difference between dreading the complex path ahead and dreading embarking on that journey with this particular individual.


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