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Why We Should All Be Keeping Journals

Why We Should All Be Keeping Journals


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Why We Should All Be Keeping Journals

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History In The Making

Currently, epidemiologists, doctors, researchers, and other experts are busy studying the new virus and the ongoing pandemic.

Historians would be compiling stuff and in the next few decades, will start studying about this event, putting it in a historical context. Future historians have not lived through this ongoing crisis, and they will be the ones who would be actively studying it and making it available in the form of history to the world.


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Most of history is derived from government documents, transcripts, newspaper articles, and recently, from digital data. Oral history, a tradition from the old, pre-written cultures are often crucial in providing a holistic, rich, and complete picture of a historical event.

Oral histories (and even personal journals) sometimes answer questions that aren’t found in the official texts, about the inner motivations and discarded facts that may be important.


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30 years from now, oral history collected through TV interviews and online resources will be incredibly valuable, but can also carry certain biases. Historians have to ensure that the interpretations are accurate and untainted.


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The Double Value

Personal Journals are vital sources of first-hand information.

Apart from being valuable to historians, journaling helps us in many ways like reducing anxiety, stress, and symptoms of depression, according to health professionals.


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Letters in WWII

As seen in World War II, the letters that the young women pilots wrote to their families revealed stories that were not recorded anywhere else.

It also shows how the writer is affected by the events, their hopes and fears, and how the context of events changes, when big events do not matter and small ones are life-changing. These heartfelt letters provided deep insights about the time to historians.


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