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Leadership Competencies: How to Interview to Find the Best Candidate



Leadership Competencies: How to Interview to Find the Best Candidate
If you want to build a Winning Well culture, you need the very best leaders at every level. You're working hard to develop the vital leadership competencies, so why not take an extra step to hire for them too? This Let's Grow Leaders interview guide can help.


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Hire the Right Leader

Ask the candidate questions based on:

  • Results. Ask questions which focus on the outcomes of certain situations: What were the actions taken? How did he act with it? What is the result?
  • Relationships. Interrogate the candidate questions on how he deal or work with other people.
  • Confidence: Ask how he would leverage his/her strenghts in this new position.
  • Humility. Ask questions about times he experienced downfalls, and how he accept and deal with it.




Conduct the Perfect Job Interview

  1. Truly understand what you need and and tailor everything in your selection process finding the perfect person.
  2. Determine how you will find the perfect person to fi...

Questions for the Important Traits

Grit- ask on how determined a person in pursuing his dreams.

Rigor- ask if there was a time he considered a data to make a decision.

Impact- ask for what he have co...

When asking questions on the candidate's unique contribution..

Probe: give me an example…

Dig: who, what, where, when, why and how on every accomplishment or project

Differentiate: we vs. I, good vs. great, exposure vs. expertise, participant vs. owner/leader, 20 yard line vs. 80 yard line

Applying STAR questions

SituationWhat's the background of what you were working on?

TaskWhat tasks were you given?

ActionWhat actions did you take?

Results- What results did you measure?

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The STAR Interview Response Technique

The STAR Interview Response Technique
  • (S) Situation: Explain the background of the situation. What was your job?
  • (T) Task: What was the particular task you had to perform? If there was a particular probl...