Why Weak People Are A Problem | Skavlan & Jordan B Peterson #shorts - Deepstash
Why Weak People Are A Problem | Skavlan & Jordan B Peterson #shorts

Why Weak People Are A Problem | Skavlan & Jordan B Peterson #shorts

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The Weight You Have To Carry To Live

We don't need to explain why so many thinkers pass on essentially the same message: that life is suffering, or at least that suffering is one of the fundamental components of life. Practically everyone who has reached adulthood has either been through hell or been close to someone who has.

And it's ok not to be able to bear the tragedy of life at times, because it can truly be tragic, and there are a lot of factors other than sheer willpower that define your capacity of dealing with it, such as how or in what conditions you were raised.


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Differences In Assertiveness

Some people are naturally more inclined towards assertiveness, as psychometric studies point out, and that can make it easier to deal with life's problems, be them situations or people.

However, those on the more agreeable end of the spectrum might have difficulty finding strength in their goodwill and wish to help others. The problem is, lack of strength descreases the probability that you'll be able to do so.


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The Altruistic Reason To Be Strong

But as life is, in fact, suffering; and as suffering is hard to bear, those who wish to be helpful need to go beyond good intentions to find strength. It might be their way of getting out of the comfort zone and integrating their own shadows.

The weight of life might be too heavy for weak people to carry alone, and a lot of times not because of their lack of will. Therefore moral and mental toughness can be not only a way for you not to weigh on other people with the unbearable suffering of your own life, but as a meaning for those who wish to be a pillar of support for those who truly need it.


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