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TRS with Luke Coutinho - Psychedelics & Magic Mushrooms

TRS with Luke Coutinho - Psychedelics & Magic Mushrooms

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What Are Psychedelics ??

They are hallucinogenic substances used to treat depression, anxiety and nervous-breakdown

These have been used from ancient times, by medical practioners to influence the response of receptors, create hallucinations & boost energy levels.


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Are They Dangerous ?

No, these substance are now involved in Psychedelics Therapy which is seen quite profitable from recent years. We agree they spill up giving short term pleasuring effect. For the accurate functioning of these drugs our hope lies only with the research.


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A chemically-engineered hallucinogen is illegal to use, made from ergot ( fungi on rye grain). It directly targets the serotonin (mood-regulator), altering your mood, mind state & behavior.

Its use is prohibited medical insutiutes as reason to the unpredictable physical effects on your body.


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Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybin)

These chemical is found in hallucinogenic mushrooms, still used by people in religious rituals and occult practices. This is well known for giving out a "Bad Trip" as it is hard to identify reality when in the zone, also panic attacks are felt when dosage isn't perfect.

They could cause change in sexual behavior, blood pressure, mental stability, focused thinking, receptor responses & mood.


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This drug is found in some seeds, stems and vines of plants as seen in Narcos. This chemical is famous for its short term trips giving it the name "Businessman's Drug", however it comes with many side effects.

Your heart rate elevates, dizziness, agitation, dilated pupils, diarrhea & sometimes death due to panic attacks.


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It is a strongly psycho-active substance used as a brewing tea. It is specifically used to eliminate the toxic effects of DMT. Famously used in Brazilian Culture for eccstatic rituals.

Recent studies proved that this can be used to tighten up neural connectivity and immunity. With boosting your Zone Performances giving a Long-Lasting Effect.


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