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Tips to Add Originality to your Blog

Tips to Add Originality to your Blog

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Lacking original content or ideas

Lacking original content or ideas

The lack of original content or ideas has the potential to kill a blog very quickly. Unfortunately, many bloggers fall into this. They may slip into scraping and republishing the feeds of others while adding little of their own content.

Try to create original content:

  • Find new and exciting aspects of your niche or industry that others are not covering.
  • Take a different stance or opinion on popular stories.
  • Write in a different style or voice. For example, explore the flip side of a popular argument.


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How to add value and originality to conversations

  • What did they say well?
  • What did they miss?
  • Answer their questions.
  • What are others saying?
  • How does their conversation apply to you?
  • Look forward.
  • Look backwards.
  • Expand ideas.
  • Take the ‘opposite’ tac.
  • Ask what if?
  • Play devil’s advocate.


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