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What Responsive Display Ads Are

What Responsive Display Ads Are

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Responsive Display Ads

Responsive Display Ads

These are graphic ads that automatically adjust their size, appearance, and format in order to fit the ad space.


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Benefits of Using Responsive Display Ads

Benefits of Using Responsive Display Ads

  • Can help you reach a broader audience 
  • You may adjust various elements in your ad and maximize where it can be seen by your target audience
  • You can use videos in place of images when appropriate
  • You don't have to keep creating new ads because you can create combinations based on an algorithm 
  • Great for small business because the work is done for you 

However, the only risk with using responsive display ads is that you'll lose some control with the ad combination because Google chooses it for you.


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How to Create a Responsive Display Ad

How to Create a Responsive Display Ad

  1. Log in to your Google Ads account
  2. Click 'All Campaigns
  3. Select 'Display campaigns' and select the capmaign you want to make responsive
  4. Click on 'Ads & Extensions,' and select 'Ads'
  5. Click on the '+' button
  6. Select Reponsive display ad
  7. Select the ad group
  8. Add and save your images. To add a video click the '+' video button
  9. Add your headlines, descriptions, business name, URL
  10. Review the ad sizes and ad formats
  11. Preview and save your ad


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Necessities to Create a Responsive Ad using Google Ads

Necessities to Create a Responsive Ad using Google Ads

The two most important things to have in your ads are: visuals and texts

Withthe former you can have up to 15 images in your ads. Make sure to have high-definition sizes using the most popular sizes or make use of animated images.

With the latter, you should have headlines, descriptions, a call-to-action, a business name, and a URL.


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