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How to Never Have an Awkward Silence On a Date Again

How to Never Have an Awkward Silence On a Date Again

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Fun and engaging get-to-know-you questions for conversation material

According to one study, an awkward silence lasts approximately four seconds. If it happens regularly, enough awkward silences can utterly derail a date. Over the past few years, I’ve compiled a list of the most interesting questions I’ve ever come across that lead to engaging and flowing conversations. PartyQs has over 750 hand-curated questions in four categories: Fun, dating, deep questions and party questions.


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1. Fun — get the laughs rolling with light-hearted and imaginative situational questions.


  • If you received $10 million but could only spend it on things that start with the first letter of your first name, what would you buy?
  • What’s the best type of cheese?
  • What’s the most extreme item on your bucket list?
  • What is the key to making the perfect pizza?


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2. Date Night — discover something new about your partner.


  • What makes you feel most alive?
  • What is something you learned from your dad?
  • Would you rather have free passes for life to all amusement parks or to all concerts?
  • What always makes you laugh out loud?


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3. Deep questions — warning, these topics deal with big ideas and immersive thoughts.


  • Would you rather be famous when you are alive and forgotten when you die or unknown when you are alive but famous after you die?
  • What are signs that someone is secretly unhappy?
  • Can art be objectively good or bad?
  • Which is more important for humanity: the arts or the sciences?


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4. Party questions— break the ice with class


  • Would you rather travel for five years in an RV or travel for five years in a sailboat?
  • When and where do you get your best ideas?
  • Would you rather increase your reading or your exercise?
  • Are you more firm than gentle, or more gentle than firm?
  • What makes you really nerd out?


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