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This word is especially effective when you need to give critical feedback

This word is especially effective when you need to give critical feedback

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Emotions are attention magnets

Emotions are attention magnets

The key for the unhappy leader is to convey their feelings of discontent in ways that will evoke an emotional reaction in their employees, capturing their attention and heightening “the immediate pressures of reality.” 

But it’s essential to evoke the right response–not just any feelings will do.


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Not all emotions are created equal

Competent leaders appreciate the importance of emotion regulation and rather than simply get upset or angry with employees they might convey their impatience or frustration. Those are legitimate reactions, but they’re often less effective than disappointment.

The frustrated or impatient leader won’t necessarily cause employees to bolt for the exits, but they’ll find it harder to build the close relationships that help teams weather bad times, and their employees’ loyalty will be contingent on continued success.


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The power of strategic vulnerability

This is where a leader’s ability to say, “I’m disappointed” can be so powerful. 

  • It evokes an emotional response in employees, capturing their attention, and mobilizing them to take action. 
  • But it does not convey anger or generate distress, making it easier for employees to tolerate their emotional arousal and diminishing the risk that they’ll need to distance themselves from the situation. 
  • And it does convey vulnerability, in a regulated and measured form, making it more likely that employees will actually empathize with the leader and be motivated to work with them to resolve the problem without undermining faith in the leader’s capabilities.


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Spending a large amount of time with someone literally causes you to pick up their habits. Choose your friends wisely.

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