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What Businesses Must Do to Curtail Climate Change

What Businesses Must Do to Curtail Climate Change


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What Businesses Must Do to Curtail Climate Change

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Taking responsible action

We do not have any time left to stop climate change. The greenhouse gases we've released into the atmosphere will continue to warm our climate for decades. It means glaciers and permafrost will continue to melt, and oceans will warm, acidify, and lose oxygen.

This sobering fact doesn't mean that our future is entirely out of our control. Our actions today could mean the difference between bad or disastrous outcomes. Businesses and policymakers can put our world on a more sustainable path.


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Most of our greenhouse gases come from electricity generation, transportation, and industrial and agricultural use.

  1. Electricity. Some renewable energies like wind and centralised solar are cheaper to install than to run existing fossil-fuel generation. We need to invest in less expensive and more efficient long-term battery storage.
  2. Transportation. Developing new technologies like "green hydrogen" will help.
  3. Industry and agriculture produce the most greenhouse gases. The lack of incentives prevents companies from doing the right thing.


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Moving past the technological, political and economic challenges requires a drastic move away from the status quo.

  • Individuals have a small role to play (recycling and public transportation). Companies have a huge role to play as they make the bulk of decisions about carbon emissions.
  • Sustainability goals need to be integrated throughout organisations, not just in a department or team.
  • Investors can pressure companies to improve their carbon footprint, and large companies can pressure suppliers.


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