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Are You Really an Entrepreneur?: What Separates Entrepreneurs From Business Owners

Are You Really an Entrepreneur?: What Separates Entrepreneurs From Business Owners

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New “Pandemic” Alert🚨

New “Pandemic” Alert🚨

Did you know there’s a new “pandemic” in town? Yes, apart from COVID and any other disease you might be thinking of. Hold on, don’t panic. It’s actually not fatal, but it’s taking a toll on quite a number of people who keep failing to understand the dynamics behind this whole new infection. I’m talking about the “Entrepreneurialism” pandemic.


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What’s Really Going On…

The truth is, a lot of people are confusing the term “entrepreneur” with “business owner”. The two are similar in so many aspects, but they are definitely not the same. Surprised? Well, let me break it down for you.


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The Not So Obvious Differences

A business owner is the owner of a company that provides a product or service to its clients.

From the moment they start their business, most business owners have a deep understanding of their market and know who they should sell their products to. They frequently profit from the success of their company, which is either a sole source of income or a side hustle.

An entrepreneur, on the other hand, goes way beyond just owning a business.


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The Traits To Look For

Entrepreneurs want to disrupt the market by sweeping out the traditional dynamics of how things are thought to work.

Entrepreneurs are always all in. They are passionate about their work and obsess over it. It’s a tendency; a predetermined route. It’s a personality trait, a labor of love, an unteachable zeal, a disease that can’t be cured, and an illness that can’t be caught. It’s either you have it or you don’t.

Money isn’t what motivates an entrepreneur. That is what pushes businesses and business owners. But for an entrepreneur, money is merely a yardstick. 


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There’s More

The status quo is never enough for an entrepreneur. They do not become fat and content. They’re always thinking about the next thing, the next endeavor, The “Big One.” They prefer being in the thick of things. They thrive in a state of turmoil and have their fingers in various jars. That’s why it’s common to hear about them failing at a half-dozen businesses before finally succeeding.

That is not the personality of business owners. They usually like focusing on one thing at a time. They are mostly not jugglers and try as much as possible to stay away from failure.


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So, How Do I Know?

Determining whether or not you have “Entrepreneurialism” is just a matter of self-analysis and careful observation. Here are a few symptoms to help you out with that.


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Always Asking Questions

Entrepreneurs always want to know the answers. They are like sponges, constantly trying to learn more, improve their skillsets and find things out for themselves. They are never afraid to ask questions and won’t stop till they get the answer.


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Sees Opportunity Everywhere And In Everything

Entrepreneurs tend to see opportunities all around them, even in simple conversations. They try to make the most out of every situation and connect with people that they believe will be instrumental in the growth and success of their venture.


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Time Is Never Enough

Entrepreneurs have a “don’t stop until the task is done” mindset. They try to hit their marks every time, going the extra mile to make sure they achieve their goals before they can rest.

Do any of these sound like you? You’ve definitely caught the bug!


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Be Yourself And Achieve Greatness Your Own Way

If you do not relate to any of these, don’t beat yourself down. Not everyone can be an entrepreneur, and it is perfectly okay. You don’t need to force your way into becoming one. Instead, figure out what you do best and do it better than anybody else.


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Entrepreneurship seems to be the new craze in town…but is everyone cut out for it. This article will help you find out!

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