5 money rules: If you apply these money will never stop pouring into your life - Deepstash
5 money rules: If you apply these money will never stop pouring into your life

5 money rules: If you apply these money will never stop pouring into your life

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Rule number 1 (Multiple Income)  

Rule number 1 (Multiple Income)  

let's say you have planted 100 apple trees to sell the fruits in Market-In the beginning when you're apple plant is small. It will be very difficult to keep them safe. There will be many problems will pop up. But once they grow big they will need less maintains.

Similar  to these, you can also create multiple income. Which need maintains in the beginning and once they are full grown. You don't need must maintains anymore.


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1. Ebook: - If you love writing, then you can publish you are ebook in the Amazon kindle .All you got to do is make your writing in PDF or any other files that it supports and it is easy to create these days.There are plenty of websites which can make your dream come true.

2. Affliate Marketing :-  There are many sites where you can joint to their affiliate program like Amazon and Flipkart.


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Rule number 2: Be unreplicable  

The market does not remain same it changes and evolved over the years. If you're  listening to audio cassettes in walkman - A device where you can play audio cassette. People will call you insane or will give you a weird look. Because, people no longer used this kind of device, but back in the days it was normal. That is why? You have to keep changing because remaining the same is going backwards.


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Know the difference between Passive and Active Income

To understand, the difference between passive and active income. Let's understand it by this example- Let's say I'm a teacher of a Government school. I will only get my salary as long as I will keep working. That means, no work, no money. That is active income-  It applies to job/service and so on.But, in case of passive income.We will work once and you won't have to work again. If you go to YouTube, you'll come across a channels where the creator has not uploaded a video in years now.


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Know how money Works

This one is the key towards building that massive wealth that you always wanted to own. There are many books that have helped people achieve financial freedom forever.Some of the books are Rich Dad and Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and The Millionaire First Lane M.J.DeMarco and so on.

It is  very necessary to know how the money works to maintain the flow of money.Money is more about psychology than about actual work.


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Buy assets not liabilities See

We all love to buy cool gadgets, but Billionaire and Millionaire see it as a waste of money. Here is why? your 20 lakh watch can show the same time a 250  Rs watch can do.

And that is why? We must educate ourself  the difference between assets and lialibities.Assets-bring money- you're land is an asset- because  it can bring money. You can build a shop there or open a farm which ever you which like to build.


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