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Boost Confidence Effectively

Boost Confidence Effectively

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The Main Idea

The Main Idea

Confidence is a vital weapon for us to pass the barriers that hold us back in our life. And, it is a very significant tool for our personality, charisma, and other aspects.

All of us were lacking confidence at some point, or maybe always. Then again, we watch so many motivational videos but the motivation just stays for that little time.

After looking at this state, I thought of sharing some ideas that have helped me effectively.


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Creating the Ideal Mindset

Creating the Ideal Mindset

Our mindset is a set of beliefs that shape how we make sense of the world and yourself. It influences how we think, feel, and behave in any given situation.  

So, we have now probably realized that our mindset is probably pulling down our confidence. But to fix that mindset, we have to take measures effectively. The ideal mindset can be built by these effective measures

1. Find out what influences our way of thinking.

2. Finding out the strategies and implementation.


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Where Did We Get the Influence on Mindset

Our mindset started enriching from our childhood. Our parents taught us manners and discipline to establish our mindset. Moreover, we watched TV and did other stuff as well. 

Here, we got an idea on how the influence affected our mindset. Children with a good environment lead happier lives later on and those with a bad environment or influences got spoiled or ruined.

Quite similarly, the adults are also influenced in that system. Now, where do adults spend their time on? We spend our time mostly on social medias, the workplace, etc. The negative influences pass from these places.



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Impact of Social Media on Your Confidence and Solution

Impact of Social Media on Your Confidence and Solution

" No one shares their bad moment" we may have heard of it. As a matter of fact, when we look at it, people with the highest followers always show their brightest moments. When we log in to social media, we see people having only fun and joy.

But unfortunately, we reflect on ourselves and we think that everyone is buying or doing that and we are lagging behind. But in reality, they also face bad times but they don't share it. 

Add the facts to the mindset. This will help boost us confidence effectively since we now see the clear and greater truth.


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Competition on Our Confidence and Fixing It

Competition on Our Confidence and Fixing It

We lose our confidence when someone surpasses us. But, we were confident when we were at the top. This competitive atmosphere is usually witnessed in the workspace, school, or an event.

Of all truth, this TOXIC competition will ruin our confidence since we won't be at the top forever. For instance, look at Bill Gates. He was the richest person but now Elon Musk took his spot. We can't beat everyone in the rat race.

Hence, we have to realize that competition will always prevail and how we see it is what matters. We have to accept that things won't turn out to be in our way always.


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Taking a Step at a Time

Taking a Step at a Time

A big mistake that we make is that we try to go for the big shot and end up failing, and therefore, our confidence falls greatly. It's human psychology to fall apart when we lose and to be optimistic when we get things right. Hence, we have to take the shorter appraoch to get things right.

Taking advantage of this psychology and starting with small things will work out for us and then afterwards, our confidence will keep on boosting since we feel a positive energy when things are on track.


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Exercising Helps

Well, we have heard about exercising in every place. But when we start doing it for some while, we will comprehend the wisdom. Scientifically, a neurotransmitter named Endorphin acts to increase feelings of pleasure and well-being. This is released through exercise.

Exercising helped me too. When I walked at the park for 40/60 minutes for some days, I started to see changes in my confidence level and my brain functioned. And, when I didn't walk for a few consecutive days, I could feel that I was feeling anxious and it affected my mood, studies and confidence as well.


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Concluding with the idea that, my shared ideas helped me raise my confidence and I checked the results as well. I believe the strategical approach will help you and if you can make a better plan then go for it ( Thumb's up).


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I like to explore various topics such as - psychology, personal development, health, productivity, etc, and I write on these often.

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