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What is Elasticsearch?

What is Elasticsearch?

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Elasticsearch and Lucene

Elasticsearch and Lucene

Elasticsearch is a distributed search and analytics engine, built on top of Lucene. It provides a JSON-based REST API and supports sharding, replication, and cluster management, for high availability.

Lucene is a high-performance search engine library, written in Java. It provides fast and memory efficient text indexing (20-30% of the original text size), and powerful search algorithms:

  • Ranked and faceted searching
  • Text highlighting
  • Autocomplete
  • Suggesters ("Did you mean?")
  • Spell checkers
  • Aggregations


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Common use cases

Common use cases

  • Adding search to an application or website
  • Logging and log analytics
  • Application performance monitoring
  • Infrastructure monitoring


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  • Fast full-text search - Because it's built on top of Lucene
  • Near real-time indexing - It takes under 1s for newly indexed documents to show up in searches
  • High performance & Fault tolerance - Each index is split into shards, that are distributed and replicated across servers. This enables Elasticsearch to process large volumes of data in parallel and remain available in case of hardware failure.


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Indexing data

Indexing data

When you add data to Elasticsearch, it is analyzed (parsed, normalized, and enriched), and stored into an inverted index.

The inverted index is a data structure designed for fast full-text searches. It keeps track of all unique words and in which documents each word appears.

It's called inverted because it inverts a document-centric data structure (document -> words) to a keyword-centric data structure (word -> documents).


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