13 Food Combinations Most People Don’t Know Are Dangerous - Deepstash
13 Food Combinations Most People Don’t Know Are Dangerous

13 Food Combinations Most People Don’t Know Are Dangerous

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Bad Food Combinations

Bad Food Combinations

Food is very important for us as they are the primary source of energy, however, we cannot just eat anything and at anytime.

  • The right kind of food will help us to get good health and that's why we should know when and which are the right combinations of foods are good.

There are several food combinations that are quite common and have been followed, however, they are actually harmful.


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#1. List Of Bad Food Combinations

#1. List Of Bad Food Combinations

  • Lemon and Milk. Milk is really hard to digest. We all know when lemon is mixed with milk it coagulates. Thus eating lemon with milk will cause curdling of milk in our stomach and upset it. Causing acidity and heartburn.
  • Water and Melon. All melons should be left alone, goes the old saying. Since melons are 90-95% water, drinking water after having them may dilute the digestive juices in the body.
  • Yogurt and Fruit. The acid from the fruit combined with the protein of yoghurt makes the entire dish toxic. It can even lead to food allergies. This is even harmful to our digestive system. 


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#2. List Of Bad Food Combinations

#2. List Of Bad Food Combinations

  • Cereal and Juice. Milk contains casein and juice contains acid, combining them together will curdle the dairy and destroy the enzyme of the juice. So always try to have juice at least one hour before or after having cereal.
  • Wine and Pudding. Alcohol messes up blood sugar levels and increases insulin production, so then the high amount of sugar in your dessert will be stored as fat and lead to unhealthy weight gain.
  • Banana and Milk. Milk and banana cause heaviness to the stomach and it creates toxicity. This combination will make our mind weak and body lethargic.


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#3. List Of Bad Food Combinations

#3. List Of Bad Food Combinations

  • Acidic Fruits with Sweet Fruits. Mixing acidic fruits like strawberries and grapefruits or sub-acidic fruits like peaches and apples with sweet fruits like bananas can hamper our digestion. Eating them together is found to have caused headaches, nausea and acidosis.
  • Eggs and Bacon. The high protein content in the egg and the fat in the bacon is something that gives an instant energy boost as soon as we eat it and this energy will vanish very soon, leaving us lethargic.
  • Guava and Banana. Eating this combination will increase our risk of acidosis, nausea, gas buildup and persistent headaches.


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#4. List Of Bad Food Combinations

#4. List Of Bad Food Combinations

  • Cheese and Beans. The food combo of beans and cheese can leave us feeling gassy and bloated. It is best to keep beans and dairy separate for easier digestion.
  • Orange with Carrot. Mixing carrots and oranges can be very dangerous. This mix has been known to cause heartburn and kidney damage.
  • Apple Juice and Allergy Medicines. The nectar from apples affects the absorption of the allergy medicine in the bloodstream. This causes the medicine to becomes up to 70% less effective.
  • Papaya and Lemon. Papaya and lemon is a deadly combination that can cause anemia and hemoglobin imbalance


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Bad food combinations can cause serious digestive problems. They can form acidity and upset the stomach. Some of the harmful food combinations can cause constipation or even loose motion.

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