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How to market with 0 dollar budget

How to market with 0 dollar budget


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Be Customer Focused

A business has to be customer-focused, it has to speak the language of the customers. You can’t be pushing what you think is cool, or pushing the technology. You need to understand what’s important for your clients.

Leverage Communities

Community is the best marketing. You need to leverage your community to do your marketing for free. How do you build communities?

Look for places where people post or talk about problems your product/service can solve.

Find groups or pages that people are creating on Facebook, Reddit,...

Leverage Existing Circle Of Influence

Your Circle Of Influence is the people and networks you already have in place. You can use other people’s knowledge or relationships to get other people’s business. If what you are selling is both valuable and scarce, then you can leverage your Circle of Influence to close more sales. This doesn’...

Content First Marketing Strategy

You don’t need to come up with ideas for your content. People give you their problems all the time — 

1) in blog posts, tweets, and reader comments,

2) in email submissions and

3) in events or conferences.

Think about what motivates people.

Content, not sales...

Be Consistent, and put in the hard work

Be consistent and put in the hard work. You can’t expect to be successful with 0 dollar marketing if you don’t put in the work of creating content, distributing, engaging and adding value. Be bullish. It’s not enough to show up every now and then. You have to be there regularly, contributing qual...

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Product-market fit doesn’t always mean that every collection you release sells out in seconds. But it does mean that people find out about your store by word of mouth, or that you have a steady stream of customers and sales, or that your product solves a problem within a larger, lucrative market. Let us find out what product-market fit is, how to prove your product concept, and how to use marketing and customer feedback to find it.



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